Mechanical and electronic course


hefirst electric motor was invented in 1822 by Michael Faraday. The motor wasdeveloped only a year after Hans Christian Ørsted discovered that the flow ofelectric current creates a proportional magnetic field. This early motor wassimply a wire partially submerged into a glass of mercury with a magnet at thebottom. When the wire was connected to a battery a magnetic field was createdand this interaction with the magnetic field given off by the magnet caused thewire to spin.

Tenyears later the first electric generator was invented, again by MichaelFaraday. This generator consisted of a magnet passing through a coil of wireand inducing current that was measured by a galvanometer. Faraday's researchand experiments into electricity are the basis of most of modernelectromechanical principles known today.

Interestin electromechanics surged with the research into long distance communication.The Industrial Revolution's rapid increase in production gave rise to a demandfor intracontinental communication, allowing electromechanics to make its wayinto public service. Relays originated with telegraphy as electromechanicaldevices were used to regenerate telegraph signals. The Strowger switch, thePanel switch, and similar devices were widely used in early automated telephoneexchanges. Crossbar switches were first widely installed in the middle 20thcentury in Sweden, the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, and thesequickly spread to the rest of the world.

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